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Employee Safety

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As businesses begin to reopen, they are advised by their governments to take the necessary precautions to keep their employees and customers safe.


Safety Checklist for Reopening

- require all employees and customers to get screened before allowing them to enter your store/office

- check everyone for a low-temperature before they enter your store/office

- supply masks to your employees while they work

- provide masks to your customers as they walk into your store/office

- provide hand sanitizer for everyone to use before entering your store/office

- redesign your store/office to help keep everyone 6 feet away at all times

Coronavirus cases have grown, many businesses have begun closing offices and stores, and sending workers home to help slow the spread. While many companies are able to ask their employees to work from home, the majority of jobs require a physical presence on-site including grocery store clerks, paramedics/ nurses, flight attendants, personal care aids, law enforcement, cashiers, maids/ housekeepers and lawyers. 


To help decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, it is strongly encouraged that employees and customers are screened daily for symptoms of the Coronavirus before coming to work and if they display symptoms known to be present in COVID-19, it is in the best interest of the organization and their colleagues that they undergo self-quarantine or self-isolation. 

The COVID-19 Screening was developed to prevent the spread of the virus and is now being used across the globe for personal and business use. Healthcare providers and others now require their employees (and are thanked by their employees) to be screened on a daily basis before coming to work. Protect your employees by sending them this online health risk assessment and ask for a daily PDF of their results to maintain a safe and productive work environment for everyone. 

While this screening has the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on COVID-19 from leading organizations and top medical professionals, this shall not be misunderstood to be medical advice, comprehensive diagnosis, or treatment of COVID-19. 

For more information the level of risk your employees face by industry, visit the interactive risk assessment compiled by the NY Times, sourced from O*Net, a database maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor. 

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Protect your employees daily with the COVID-19 Screening

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